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Novoresume Review 2021: Online Resume Builder

For anybody creating a resume is their first step to land in the professional world. It shows what you have achieved in academics, and what are the skill sets you have to claim for the respective job. Novoresume is a free online resume builder using which you can easily create a professional resume and cover letter.

To improve your chances of getting hired, Novoresume could be your best choice. To uncover the best features of this online resume builder, check here Novoresume review 2021.

Why Novoresume?

Indeed as a job applicant, everyone wants to get hired as soon as possible. However, to catch the sight of the employer, you have to come up with an attractive resume. Though you can try photoshop and other designing tools to build an enticing curriculum vitae, however, it would be a painstaking task to do so.

First, you need to search online for professional CV samples. And then, you can adopt a similar pattern to create your own resume. Instead, you can use Noveresume as it contains a collection of layouts and templates using which you can easily create an attractive resume. The layout designs provided by Novoresume gives a professional look to a resume. You can also ask for their expert suggestions to enhance the quality of your resume.

Online Resume Builder

Other than that, Novoresume also provides you with a cover letter layout samples for free. With such amazing features, it won’t be easy for anybody to say no to this tool.

Benefits Of Using Online Resume Builder:

With Novoresume, you don’t need to hire any resume writing services. It can provide you with the basic structure or format of the resume/CV you wanted to create. Basically, it contains eight different styles of templates. Each of them has smartly written content samples, which you can change according to your own information. You can opt for the one which matches perfectly with your portfolio.

  • Functional
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Creative
  • Basic
  • Professional
  • College
  • Executive

What’s more interesting about Novoresume is that it also provides suggestions to optimize your content. So, you can have a better chance to get the respective job you wanted to have. 


In the business world, the standard of competition between professionals is rising more and more. It’s a jungle out there and to survive in the competition of the jungle world, you need to get help from experts.

Aside from that, it also provides free samples for a professional cover letter. There also you have all the different options with layouts you want for your cover letter.

With such marvelous features, I must say that Novoresume is one of the best online resume maker service. And job applicants can truly get benefitted by its resume making assistance.

How To Use Novoresume?

To start with Novoresume, you need to register on its website to create an account. Or you can also signup with your Google account.



Once you have created an account, go to its doc section. As per your requirement, you can opt for the layouts which suit your description. And create your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) from there.

Just like that, you can also create a cover letter and enhance your chances of getting the job you want.

Different Section of CV and Resume?

Even many of the professionals don’t know the difference between a CV and resume. While comparing both, you can see that CV is more descriptive and gives detailed information about the applicant. However, a resume shows brief and short details about the applicant’s information.

Most of the students, freshers, and intermediate use resume format, which shows a brief introduction about academics and other skills set. On the other hand, professionals and senior-level executives make use of CV format to describe detailed information about their job type and experience they had.



Novoresume gives you the option with both formats. You just need to choose the template according to your needs. And you are ready to draft your professional CV/resume to any organizations with vacancies.

Resume Builder:

After you get registered on Novoresume’s site, you can use this software for free. It has a very simple to use editor where you have two options. Either you can opt for Resume (For 0 to 5 years experience), or you can opt for CV (For 5+ years experience).


On the top panel, you have various options with font, theme, layout, template, and setting.


In the font section, you have many options with different font styles. But for the free version, you have three options only. To use all the fonts, you need to upgrade your subscription to the premium plan.




As I have told you earlier, this tool gives you eight different template styles. There you can select the one which fits perfect for your resume content. Like here, you can see various types of templates that reflect the skills of an applicant in the best possible way.



In this template, you can showcase your work skills and strengths to increase recruiting chances.




This template seems more attractive which can easily catch the eyes of recruiters, and makes you stand out from the crowd.



With a simple template, there aren’t much use of patterns and color, yet it seems very impactful.




To stand out yourself in the toughest competition, you need to show off your creativity. This template delivers the same in your resume.



If you are in a hurry to submit a basic form of resume, you make use of this basic template.




Approved by experts and professionals, this template delivers a professional quality in your resume.

professional resume template


If you are a student wanted to apply for college or training programs, then this template seems best for you.




As an executive, you want to reveal your best qualities and skills to your employer. With an executive template, you could be able to achieve so.




There you also have a layout section, where you can design the format of your content. Though here you have some great designs, while you can also create a custom one. For custom layouts, you need to opt for its premium plan. In case you are planning to get a job in the US, you can use the US letter format also.


In the settings section, you can make some general adjustments like how to use space, options with date format, and other things. You can also add a few more labels to showcase your completed task, career achievements. In case you have more things to add in your resume, you can opt for its premium plan to add more pages.

CV Builder:

In case you are experienced in your profession for quite some time and wanted to exhibit that in your curriculum vitae, then you can opt for the CV builder of Novoresume. Thought most of the things in the resume and CV are similar. But, in CV content, you can be more descriptive about your work experience, skill sets, and past achievements, etc.

Similar to the resume section, in the CV section also, you have fonts, layouts, and templates. Have a look.



To get more variation in font, you have to subscribe to its premium plan. However, there you also have three font styles that are free for users.


Just like the resume editor, in Novoresume CV editor also, you have options with eight different template styles.


This focuses more on the work skills and experience of an applicant.




It mostly concentrates on the past achievements and performance of a candidate.



Though this template looks very simple, yet very effective. It’s the best format of CV application for banking or law sector candidates.




Most startup companies lookout for creative and innovative people only. If you want to get hired in a young or startup company, this CV template can be the right option for you.




Classic CV template, in which you can showcase your work skills, qualities, and creativity. Regardless of the industry, this CV template works for any niche of companies.



Get a touch of professionalism in your CV with this professional template.




For students looking for an internship or part-time job, this can be the best CV template.




If you want to apply for an executive position in a company, you need to showcase your best skills, work experience, and achievements in your CV. This template focuses on all such aspects to fix you a spot for the job you wanted to have.




In the layout section, you have the option to change the structure of your CV according to your requirements. All the functions in the layout of a CV and resume are the same.


All the settings options in the CV builder are the same as in the resume builder.

Cover Letter Builder:

Beside CV/Resume, you also need to add a cover letter. That way, you can address the best features of your resume to the employer. Herewith Novoresume software, you can design the cover letter to tell why you are the best person to hire. There you can show off your best skill sets to catch HR’s attention.



Similar to resume and CV, here you have eight different layouts. From there, you can opt for the one which suited best for you.



Besides all these features, you also have a section to optimize your content in your CV/resume. By utilizing them, you can make your CV/resume look more professional.


The best thing about this tool is that you can use it for free. There isn’t any trial plan for the limited day. However, you can access its basic features only, and you won’t be getting a free cover letter.

Free Online Resume Builder


In its paid premium version, you have three different options – 1month plan, 3 months plan, and a plan for the whole 1 year. With this plan, you can create a CV/resume up to 3 pages. Here you also have the option to customize the layout and design. Other than that, you will also get free access to use cover letter templates.


There are many things, which makes me like this online resume builder software. This tool seems to be useful not only for freshers and students, but it’s also quite delivering a tool for professionals. Here are some of the pros in favor of Novoresume:

  • Free basic plan for students
  • Professional resume and cover letter services
  • Attractive Layouts and Templates
  • Templates are customizable
  • Variation with different fonts
  • Options with color schemes.
  • Professional Video tutorials
  • Creative way of Writing Resume/CV


Although I couldn’t find many negativities with this tool. However, there is a limitation of templates that irks me. There are other platforms like Canva and Visme, which don’t have such issues.

Summing Up: Novoresume review 2021:

There aren’t many online resume builders that can be comparable to the effectiveness and performance of this tool. It’s user-friendly and also helps you to improvise your resume/CV so you can increase your chances of getting hired. Overall, I find this tool very satisfactory. 

If you have anything more to say about Novoresume, you can write in the comments section below.


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