Teachable Review 2021: Best Platform To Create And Sell Online Courses

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With time, online learning is becoming more and more popular among students of this generation. In fact, some of the learners nowadays usually prefer studying from online courses. 

However, students come across various difficulties while learning from online platforms. There are several reasons for it. Some of them are-


1. Technical errors.

2. Complicated web interfaces.

3. Lack of computer literacy. 

4. Self-study.

5. Flexibility issues.


These five are the leading problems learners face while studying on online platforms. Although, the concept of a learning management system can solve all these issues if it gets executed and used with the right tactics. 

I have heard about different learning management system for online content creators. But, the best I have found is Teachable. It’s an incredible LMS for experts of different niches. By using it, you can share knowledge on various subjects with the students all across the world.

Here, in the Teachable review post, we’ll share each and every aspect of it with you. So, let’s first start this with why you should use this platform if you want to create the best online courses. 



Why Only Teachable? 

According to the community of Teachable, “Everything is teachable”. They believe every subject can be taught with appropriate learning strategies. As we all know, Teachable is a leading learning management system that offers prominent features to create the best online courses. By using it, you not only set-up an e-learning website but also customize and analyze its performance in real-time. 


That’s why, if you want to boost conversion rates of your online schools and enhance your content credibility, then Teachable is made for you. 



Teachable Review Post 2021-

The overall working of teachable LMS divided into these five various categories. Let’s understand each of them one-by-one. 





Under the “Customization” section of teachable, you get access to various advanced features regarding building the best online school. In accordance with this, you can add compelling multimedia bits such as videos, audios, images, and PDF files to your online lectures. Besides, you can also enjoy-


Well-structured website-

With the aid of drag and drop builder of Teachable, you can create engaging pages for your website.


Ease In Content Importation-


On Teachable, you can easily import your study material seamlessly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.


Multiple System Friendly-

Due to the brilliant web interface of Teachable, learners can access it from cellphones, computers, smartphones, and even tablets. 


Create Converting Sales Pages-

By using the page editor of Teachable, you can create eye-catching course pages for your users.


Access To Free Domain-

Teachable provides starters the option to access its free domain (yourschool.teachable.com). 


Advanced Customization Facets-


With the utilization of Power Editor, you can make desired changes in the coding of your website and make it look the way you want. 


Multilingual Support-

When it comes to multi-language support, Teachable is the best. With the utilization of it, you can change the language of your online domain. So that, students all across the globe can use your online courses. 


Learning Tools:


Self-motivation is the key to get to the end of an online course. Because, in this, students don’t have any external pressure for completion. At this time, if they get access to brilliant features and interfaces of an online learning website, then things can be different. Students no longer have to force themselves to complete their online courses.

Teachable cater to the content creators with world-class learning interfaces. By utilization of which, they can make their website perfectly fit for curious learners. To know what’re they, let’s have a look! 


Student Progress Tracking-

At some point, every student wants to know how he or she is doing. Is there any change that means progress in their performance? Are they doing good in the subjects or not? These kinds of questions arise in every learner’s mind while pursuing an online course. With the help of Teachable LMS, you can track your student’s progress by offering quizzes and feedback in between the lectures. 


Adds A Sense Of Credibility-


By aiding Teachable LMS, you can provide your students with an online certification for completing the online course. In such a way, they can use it to get a job in different organizations.


Advanced Personalization Traits-

You can send personalized emails to your students by using Teachable based on factors like completion, enrollment, and all. 


Seamless Integrations With Tools-

Teachable also provides integrations with popular tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Olark, and more. 




Marketing is no longer remain difficult for content creators. Using Teachable, you can market your online courses according to the best promotional tactics. Let’s look at them in detail!


Customizable Pricing Plans-

Through this learning management system, you can offer different pricing options to your users. 


Access To Coupons-


You can provide coupons to students by incentivizing enrollments in online courses. 


Affiliation Set-up-

Affiliation is the need of the hour, as we can understand. So, you can also give profit to others as per the affiliate marketing attribute of Teachable. 


Multiple-currency Support-

With the utilization of Teachable for online course creation, you can accept international currencies. It provides support to 130+ currencies via Paypal, Mastercard, Stripe, VISA, and more. 


Integration With Best Marketing Tools-

You can integrate your online school marketing endeavors with top tools like MailChimp, Mixpanel, Infusionsoft, AWeber, and all with the help of Ziaper. 




The analysis is the foremost part regarding making your online course work on the web. Because, if you don’t know when and how things are changing concerning the performance of your online course, then nothing is really worthy. That’s why the analytics part is very prominent. 

However, Teachable provides the best analytics features to content creators out there in the market. By using it, you can take benefit of the following attributes-


Teachable Dashboard-

Using the Teachable LMS dashboard, you can see all the revenue generation and signups that your online course is getting. 


Course Completion Insights-

Through this feature of the Teachable learning management system, you can keep an eye on your course completion rates based on account types of students ranging from free to discounted. 


Multiple-guidance trait-

By utilizing this, you can allow other masters to look after your online course. Moreover, you can also pay them for their service. 


Hosting and security:


Hosting plays an influential role in making an online asset work properly and effectively. Similarly, to run an online school, you need a brilliant hosting integration. Although, in the case of Teachable, you don’t have to worry about the hosting aspects of your online content landscape. Because, it provides the following hosting attributes right there-


 Hosting At The Fingertips-

Teachable caters brilliant hosting facets to its online schools. It makes sure to manage and store your student data effectively. 


24X7 Customer Support-


Through this learning management system, you get around the clock customer support. That’s, of course, very important as far as the seamless working of your online school is concerned. 


SSL Certification-

Teachable SSL certification prevents your student data from the security crisis. 


Completely Secure Payment System-

Teachable only accepts payments from systems that are PCI level-1 compliant. That adds much to the security side. 


Teachable Pricing Details: 



Teachable pricing is basically divided into three categories starting from Basic, Professional, and Business. 

However, you can also go for the demo drive of Teachable LMS by clicking here

According to its Basic plan, you have to pay $29 per month. As per research, it’s the most appropriate plan for online course starters. Whereas, in Professional pricing mode, you have to invest $79 per month. It consists of all the Basic plan insights. But, along with them, you get access to some more advanced features of this LMS. Lastly, we have the Business pricing plan. Following this, you need to pay $399 per month. It includes everything of a Professional pricing plan and some extra advanced features. 


Final Verdict: 

Online schools can become the future of learning if they get set-up with the right practices. The development of an online learning platform without the use of LMS is difficult. As, it’s somewhat impossible to look after every facet of it manually. However, the use of Teachable LMS is the best for you. It’s an all-in-one software for content creators of different fields. With the use of it, you cannot only create, but also import and analyze the performance of your online courses thoroughly. 

If you want to share some more insights about Teachable, then please comment in the section below. 



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