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Coursera Review| Affordable Courses And Degrees

Have you been looking for a website that provides impressive online courses? A website that offers its visitors a wide variety of open classes also presents its users with certificates or even degrees.

Well! Coursera, an online learning network with connections to more than 200 colleges, is the only place to look. But is the excitement around this educational platform justified?

Before investing in any platform, you must go through a detailed review of that platform without failing to know precisely how the platform works and whether it is worth your money. Therefore, here we are with the detailed Coursera review. 

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the following:

  • What is Coursera?
  • How does Coursera work?
  • Coursera Features
  • Pricing of Coursera
  • Coursera Pros & Cons

So, before we begin our Coursera review, let us know what Coursera is in detail.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers tens of thousands of courses to help students develop their interests and career options. 

Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, two Stanford University academics who founded Coursera, did not initially have a business plan or provide degrees. Subscriptions, validated certificates, and degrees are the primary income sources for the current business model. In March 2021, the business went public.

The sheer breadth of Coursera’s courses, though, is what contrasts it from the competition. The most significant and prominent colleges, including Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Michigan, were among the first to implement content on this platform.

More than 200 colleges and organizations from 29 countries are currently partners with Coursera. The platform collaborates with a wide range of businesses in addition to prestigious universities, including the University of London, Yonsei University in Korea, Yale University, the University of Illinois, and other institutions.


How does Coursera work?

Signing Up – A Simple Process

It’s simple and free to sign up with Coursera. Log in with your Facebook account or your name, email address, and password. Once you’ve confirmed your email address and informed Coursera of what you want to study, you’re done!

You will get multiple emails from Coursera after signing up. There were three welcome emails, one for the website and two for the course, in addition to one email for identification verification.


Pick The Courses

You may find approximately 1500 college-level courses on Coursera. Look for this information before enrolling because some courses are offered all year long while others have set enrollment windows and start and end deadlines. You can ask for a few suggestions based on your favorite academic fields or do an independent search for a specific course.

In many courses, you can obtain a “learner’s certificate” that you can highlight on your resume. Additionally, specific courses are a part of “professions,” which are collections of linked courses that help you grasp a particular area of study entirely.


Get started with lectures, quizzes, and more!

For any course information, users can check the weekly modules. They can even use assignments and tests to show off their knowledge. The assignments you are given may change somewhat for each course because each is unique. You’ll be alright if you follow the deadlines.

Coursera Features

Ease of Use

Coursera is a very user-friendly, expert, and intuitive platform. There is a lot of information, yet it never feels overwhelming. By selecting the Explore option from the menu, users may peruse Coursera’s offerings. You may use the search box to look for specific terms and browse topics.

The learning experience is straightforward, clear, and simple to read and use when you purchase or decide to audit a course. You can easily keep track of your progress, see when quizzes are due, and estimate how long each lesson will take. The page has a lot of information, yet it is logically arranged and simple to explore.



Every student must complete their course in no time. And with Coursera, It won’t take long to complete a course, which is one of its main benefits. You can move much more swiftly and finish with a full degree faster than if you were to take classes traditionally, and it’s also a lot cheaper to boot! You won’t have to leave your area or your employment to finish a single course or get a degree.


Interactive Platform

With Coursera, you will be able to go through the course content quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be able to engage with it, other students, and teachers more actively. There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with classmates on projects, pass tests, and communicate with other students.


Large Course Selection

On Coursera, there are tens of thousands of courses to pick from. Although some specializations inevitably dominate the platform, there are lessons available in just about every area of interest. Some courses are also free to enroll in or audit.


Content Quality

You can trust Coursera to provide you with accurate information from knowledgeable instructors. Only subject-matter experts from significant institutions or organizations like IBM and Google are permitted to teach courses on Coursera.

Lessons are broken up into manageable chunks, including readings, videos, quizzes, and other activities. Since the films are created internally and not by the professors themselves, they have a high level of production value.



One of the few online learning platforms that offer certifications that may genuinely advance your profession is Coursera. Even though many platforms include the certificate capability, these certificates usually have no real value and won’t help the industry develop in any way.

However, a Coursera certification may be able to lead to new opportunities. If you are enrolled in a MasterTrack or degree course, it could transfer into a college for credit. As further colleges are added to the platform, these classes’ popularity continues to rise.

Pricing: Coursera Review

Guided Projects- The costs start at $9.99 with approx 1-2 hours of time commitment. This course suits the best users that quickly want to learn job skills and industry tools.

Courses- They can start with a few free courses, and the estimated time commitment is around 4-12 hours. This course suits the best for users that want to gain new knowledge. 

Specialization Course- With an average time commitment of 1-3 months, the cost starts at USD 39 per month. This course is specially designed for users that wish to master a specific skill.

Professional Certificates- The pricing starts from $39 per month with an average time commitment of 1-6 months.

Coursera Pricing Plans For Businesses- 
  • The Team plan 
  • The Enterprise plan

The team plan costs $319 per user per month. It suits the best for teams and small organizations. It helps teams empower each employee by presenting them with new skills and courses to help them grow. 

Access to over 5,000 courses from top universities, guided projects, assessments, quizzes, verified certificates upon course completion, track learning hours, & course completions.

Next is the Enterprise plan. This plan has custom pricing. It depends on the services you want with this plan. This plan best suits larger organizations with unlimited access, skill metrics, user analytics, and much more. 

Users get access to job-based learning programs, deliver automated course recs based on goals, track and measure skills developed per learner, and much more.

Pros & cons: Coursera Review


  • A capstone project and certification
  • Offline Learning
  • Affordable courses and degrees
  • The high-quality video that provides about 2,000 free courses
  • There are several methods to pay and an organized learning environment.
  • Free Coursera course auditing capability in collaboration
  • 200+ prestigious universities and organizations
  • Low-cost Programs & Degrees


  •  Not usually user-friendly for beginners.
  • Confused pricing structures.

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Final Verdict: Coursera Review

Coursera offers several benefits. It provides cost-effective higher education and skill acquisition to the entire world.

Coursera is an incredible and stunning platform to accomplish your goals- whether you want to improve your academic knowledge, expand your professional opportunities, acquire a new skill, or obtain some credentials for your job search.

The best feature is that it gives a free trial- so you can see exactly how the platform functions and whether it meets your needs.

So, did you like our in-depth Coursera review? Comment below with your thoughts, and let us know.

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