LinkedIn Learning Review: Is It The Good Online eLearning Platform?

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If you are one of those who are looking for an honest and unbiased LinkedIn Learning review, you have come to the right place. 

Furthermore, if you are at a professional level- you should always strive to develop new skills. After all, the more you grow your skills, there is a higher chance for you to stand out in a job hunt. It can also give you an upper hand for a promotion or increase, and so on. LinkedIn Learning is an excellent place to start if you want to learn how to use specific job-related software platforms.

Now that online courses are commonplace, Linked Learning is booming with its excellent courses, and adding a feather to the individual’s career.

LinkedIn Learning, a new approach started by LinkedIn in cooperation with the e-learning network Lynda, is one of the influential platforms to do so. LinkedIn Learning is an entire collection of valuable and impactful educational content for online learners. The content is suitable for beginners and experienced learners, with a strong emphasis on job skills.

This in-depth LinkedIn Learning review will help you with a brief idea of how it can help you expand your career.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a platform for Massive Open Online Courses.  More than 16,000 courses are available on the site. All of which are presented by professionals with real-world expertise. Every week, there are more than 50 brand-new classes available with more added all the time.

LinkedIn Learning offers customized course suggestions based on your abilities and competencies, allowing you to choose from a curated list of courses that deliver the best value. You will receive a completion certificate once you have passed, and you can promote it on your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s look at some statistics to back up LinkedIn’s reputation as a site that helps people find new jobs before we get into our in-depth LinkedIn Learning review.

  • 87 % of recruiters usually employ LinkedIn to identify applicants with in-demand qualities.
  • 122 million people have had work placements as a consequence of contacts made on the site so far.
  • A LinkedIn connection has led to the hiring of 35 million employees.

Getting Started!

Since LinkedIn Learning is one of the top providers of online learning solutions available, it supports seven different languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese are among the languages supported. 

When you initially log into LinkedIn Learning, you will get a series of brief surveys in which you will have to fill out forms about your skills and what you would want to learn. You will get the recommendation of courses that will suit best for your profession based on your preferences. 

The course browsing section, which is categorized by subject, is likewise quite straightforward and simple to use. The courses are categorized as Business, creative, & technology. 

You can also look for classes on your own. On LinkedIn Learning, you may filter content in a few different ways. You can use the search box to look for anything specific.

 You can search by 

  • Type of course
  • Degree of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Duration of course (10 minutes to 3+ hours)
  • Software

Sort the courses by Best Match, View Count, or Newest after you have received the list of results that best meet your needs. There is also an option to bookmark the courses by tapping on the save icon. 

You will also see a video and a column of information about the course to make it easier for you. It presents you with a course description, learning objectives, teacher, course length, skills covered, and many more.

Features Of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning comes with several key features that can help individuals ace in their respective fields. So, let’s start looking at its key features- in this detailed LinkedIn Learning review.


Ease of Access & Functionality

LinkedIn Learning offers a user-friendly learning atmosphere with well-designed filters and simple navigation. If you already have a LinkedIn account- you will not have to do anything to fill up your profile or sign up for LinkedIn learning.

You have complete access to all the features of LinkedIn Learning. All your customized courses will appear at the top of the page based on your profile. Everything is presented in a similar way to the prominent LinkedIn platform as well.


Course and Video Features

LinkedIn Learning is a good online e-learning platform. It comes with numerous courses and video features to make it easy for all the subscribers to learn and grow. It comes along with a practice course, notes, and tests. This way, subscribers can efficiently master any course with the help of practice papers and get their hands on digital notes without any hassle.

LinkedIn learning also comes with a Q&A section. As the name implies, users can ask questions regarding their doubts and get them cleared. This way, it will be beneficial for them as it will clear all their doubts and let them learn things smoothly.



While the LinkedIn Learning Sales Department has a clearly publicized toll-free phone number, the Support Department does not. There is a help link that leads to the website. It is where you can generate a support ticket.

There is also an invitation to Sign In for improved coverage & better support. However, it is unclear what value it delivers. There are also some pre-written support sections, such as billing & course information.

Direct phone support, a chat box, and a direct email address are all unavailable. We also could not discover any guidance in the form of eBooks, whitepapers, or streaming videos.


Learning Paths

There are Learning Paths available to assist you in transitioning into a new domain. LinkedIn Learning Paths bridge the gap between the desired career and the necessary skills. With over 70 study tracks, you can get the details in every section of creativity, business, and technology.

Rather than searching for random courses on a specific topic, you can simply choose your path and have a planned learning experience. The Learning Path will present you with a number of courses centered on a single topic, such as becoming a web developer, content writer, mastering Microsoft Excel & SEO marketing, and many more. So, if you want to gain the correct skill set for a profession, have a peek at the Learning Center.

Pricing: LinkedIn Learning Review

LinkedIn Learning offers two pricing plans for its subscribers. It also comes with a free trial. This way, you can understand if this platform is what you are looking for and is best for your courses or not.

So, the first plan comes as an annual plan. As the name implies- users have to pay annually. It costs $173.14 which makes $14.43/per month. 

The next plan comes as a monthly plan. It costs $21.08/month. The Annual plan is relatively cheaper than the monthly plan as you can save up to $6.65. But the only issue that arises is that the users have to pay for the year all at once.

However, both the pricing plan comes with 17,000+ lectures, customized course suggestions, practice sessions, and Q&A. 

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Pros & Cons: LinkedIn Learning Review


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Numerous learning courses
  • Presents course completion certification
  • Offers free trial
  • High presentation rate
  • Offline Viewing is possible
  • Affordable and good online e-learning platform
  • Bookmarks made easy with notes
  • Easy and intuitive dashboard


LinkedIn Learning’s disadvantages have been few and far between, further treasuring its position as one of the top providers of online learning solutions available in the market.

  • Lack of quality in some courses
  • There is a limit on course topics

LinkedIn Learning Review: Is It The Best e-learning Platform?

Is LinkedIn learning a good online e-learning platform to choose from? Is it worth the money? Yes, LinkedIn Learning is a perfect, reliable, and best software that works best for every individual. 

It offers mind-blowing features with excellent courses at very reasonable rates. And if in case- you are not sure whether or not this platform fits you or not, you can get a free trial to get it all cleared.

So, what are your thoughts about LinkedIn Learning? Did you like our detailed LinkedIn Learning review? Let us know in the comment section below.

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