Authority Hacker Review: The Leading Online Marketing Education Company

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Do you want an unbiased Authority Hacker Review? Is Authority Hacker a good investment? This review will help you decide if you should enrol in Authority Hacker’s courses. You can get all of your answers right here.

Many teachers online claim to teach you the best way to earn money online, but many of them are not qualified. How? They don’t have a lucrative internet presence but educate you on how to start one.

On the other hand, Authority Hacker teaches individuals how to create high-quality affiliate marketing websites that are meant to endure. Gael Breton and Mark Webster, the creators of Authority Hacker, began their flagship course for beginners,

  • Authority Site System 3.0
  • Authority Hacker Pro

Both are concerned with expanding affiliate site companies using white hat SEO approaches. Read our Authority Hacker review to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

What Exactly Is an Authority Hacker?

authority hacker review

Gael Breton and Mark Webster created Authority Hacker, a premier online marketing education firm, in 2013. They promise to assist customers in creating very lucrative authority sites.

This comprehensive training program includes two courses: a starting course and an advanced course.The Authority Site System (TASS), their introductory course, teaches you how to develop an authority site from the bottom up that generates organic traffic and affiliate money. 

This advanced course builds on TASS by focusing on scaling and pushing your authority site to the next level.

It does this with over 400 video courses spread across modules ranging from keyword research to email marketing to monetization methods, conversion rate optimization, link building, and various other facets of internet marketing.

Getting Started With The Authority Hacker!

Starting with this comprehensive training program is simple and well-thought-out. The instruction is delivered in a self-explanatory, step-by-step, easy-to-follow format. Head on to know more! 


authority hacker review

You will begin with Preliminary Lessons. This essentially states, “Welcome to the course; here is what you can expect.” This is only an introductory module that will teach you on navigating the system, utilizing the tools, and connecting with the community.

1st Module 

The first session will teach you the fundamentals of internet marketing. You will learn the fundamentals of authority sites, such as how they generate web traffic, how they make money, how to leverage affiliate marketing and SEO, and so on. These are the fundamentals that will guide you throughout the course. This is the foundation around which you will build your successful affiliate company for years to come.

2nd Module

Module 2 teaches you all there is to know about Niche Research. This is one of the most crucial parts. This is more in-depth in Authority Hacker than in any other course. You will learn to create a list of prospective niches to refine to locate the fairest chances. There’s also instruction on choosing a specialty, increasing your content, and organizing your physical website.

3rd Module

Module 3 will teach you everything about Qualifying Niches. In the previous Module, you compiled a list of probable niches. Authority Hacker will now teach you how to locate the most lucrative possibilities. Once you have a comprehensive list of themes that interest you, you will learn how to shortlist them and choose a niche with high earning potential.

4th Module

Site Planning is covered in Module 4. While creating a thorough sitemap, you will plan the initial edition of your site.

5th Module

Module 5 will teach you everything about site setup. Setting up your website is the part you’ve been looking forward to. You will have a completely functional website after this Module. A lot of essential things occur here, preparing you for Module 6.

6th Module

Module 6 is all about branding. The branding aspects on your website will make it seem to be a reliable and authoritative brand.

7th Module

You now have your site set up, and your branding sorted out in Module 7, so it’s time to start filling it with articles and pages. This lesson will teach you how to format your content and provide you with templates to help you scale up simply in the future.

8th Module

Module 8 will teach you all you need to know about creating info content. You will discover how to produce it exactly and better than your competition.

9th Module

Module 9 takes a step-by-step approach to write content. So whether you’re an experienced writer or a total novice, our advice and your work will result in well-written, high-quality articles.

10th Module 

Module 10 will teach you about optimizing and publishing content. This is all about ensuring that after you’ve created your amazing content, you post it to your site correctly and with all the bells and whistles that search engines like.

11th Module

Module 11 shows you how to build your first links. This session will lead you through three tried-and-true link-building tactics. Obtaining high-quality connections is the most essential factor in ranking your website.

12th Module

Module 12 focuses on Affiliate Setup. This Module will lead you through topics like first touch / final touch, tracking, rewards, etc. To generate money online, you must first understand monetizing your website. Then, you’ll discover how to increase your revenue by using the most excellent affiliate setup feasible.

13th Module

Module 13 is focused on writing and optimizing commercial content. This session will teach you how to create good product reviews and roundups, which will be crucial in your early site profitability.

14th Module

Advanced Tactics will be covered in Module 14. This Module does not have to be completed in any specific sequence. Instead, you may choose the cutting-edge approaches that pique your interest and work best in your area. In addition, this Module is constantly updated with new tips and methods, so the learning never stops.

15th Module

Module 15 is an extra module that focuses on Becoming An Authority. This is the stage at which you take your website to the next level. You will discover how to position yourself as a real expert in your area. The people at Authority Hacker assist you in putting everything together and creating your own battle plan on what to do next.

Authority Hacker Features:

1- Long-Term Business

The Authority Hacker is a leading online marketing education company with long-term commercial objectives in mind, whether you are interested in creating a website concerning digital marketing companies or a website that can provide people with the lifestyle they want or flip your website for a 30-45x multiple down the road. Students that begin with Authority Hacker have a solid foundation and are unstoppable.

2- Flexible Training System

The majority of online courses are arranged linearly, which means that each lesson is intended to be consumed in sequential order.

Authority Hacker, on the other hand, is an exception. Authority Hacker has no such requirement of finishing a course in order to qualify for the next. Instead, you get to choose the course that would help you excel in that specialty.

For example, if you’re halfway through the process and already have an editorial staff but no plan for them to execute, you may skip forward to the necessary training.

3- Over 180+ Video Courses

The Authority Site System’s courses are continually updated as needed. In addition, authority Hacker updates The Authority Site System/TASS course with new video lectures every year. The overview films are brief to medium in length and the point.

Also, anticipate the training films to be lengthier yet consumable in bite sizes. After buying the course, you will get all future upgrades for free.

4- Training for Novices, Intermediates, and Experts

The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro are two affiliate marketing courses Authority Hacker offers. The Authority Site System is the Authority Hacker flagship course, and it is designed for novices who want to build a website that earns $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

The next course is Authority Hacker Pro. Its objective is to raise the monthly revenue of student websites from $5,000 to $10,000.

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum is the last “level” of Authority Hacker training. This is for internet marketers who wish to grow their authority sites to a monthly revenue of $10,000 to $100,000.

Authority Hacker Review: Pricing

The price is a bit high, but the value is worth it. You will get everything you need to start and succeed with affiliate sites.

The Authority Hacker- The Authority Site System 3.0 primary course costs $997. The Authority Hacker Pro is priced at $1,997.

You may also join up for the free starting membership and choose to remain a free member for an indefinite period of time.

Authority Hacker Pros and Cons


  • Each lesson’s videos and associated notes.
  • Complete tools for doubling the profits of your authority site
  • Free spreadsheets to aid in the planning of your website’s content
  • Concentrate on establishing a company rather than merely generating money.
  • A simple structure that enables you to check off finished classes.
  • Templates and SOPs in abundance – Authority Hacker’s templates are a treasure for site owners.
  • Positive and beneficial Facebook group
  • Quick response to queries


  • One-time high cost
  • Extensive content preparation causes your website’s debut to be delayed.
  • Backlinking is the primary method for gaining authority.


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Final Thoughts:

Choosing a decent affiliate marketing course among a sea of online courses vying for your attention might be difficult. And with the affiliate marketing course sector, which is rife with shoddy items. Fortunately, the Authority Hacker course is not one of them.

The Authority Site System provides clear, step-by-step guidelines for making the most of your site via affiliate marketing. You, too, can start earning money from your site from anywhere by using videos, written content, and access to community conversations.

Therefore, Authority Hacker is a go-to platform that everyone should make full advantage of to make money with affiliate marketing. Authority Hacker is worth a shot.

If you have any more questions regarding Authority Hacker, please leave them in the comments section below. Also, please let us know if our Authority hacker was helpful.

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