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Best Language Correction AI Tool?| Review 2022|

Trinka AI is a next-generation grammar and language correction AI tool intended for academic and technical writing. 

It is developed by a group of grammarians, creators, and data scientists who expect to see a world where communication is unhampered. 

They designed the writing assistant to support people with all types of communication, from personal to academic to everyday.


In this SaasTrac review, we will examine this advanced grammar checker and learn about its distinguishing features, pricing, benefits, and drawbacks.

Let’s Get Started-

What is| Review|

language-correction-ai-tool-trinka-review-2022 Best Language Correction AI Tool

Trinka is an AI-powered grammar and language correction tool for reviewing and improving academic and technical writing. 

It detects more than just common grammatical errors such as incorrect syntax and word choice, misspelled technical terms, subject-verb disagreements, and so on.

It also improves many aspects of technical writing, such as tone, flow, concision, style guide preference, and others.


Furthermore, the tool provides corrections and suggestions relevant to computer science, economics, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, medicine, social sciences, and geology.

Trinka can also specify if a document is ready for publication by assessing it against over 20 checkpoints to guarantee error-free publishing.

Trinka corrects contextual spelling and advanced grammar errors in real-time by equipping writing suggestions.


It detects and corrects thousands of complex writing errors for a hassle-free writing experience. 

Trinka assists authors, particularly ESL authors, in improving their writing quality, and preparing their work for a global audience.

Most online grammar checker tools fall short in academic and technical writing.

Trinka uses AI and ML technologies with decades of industry experience to deliver the required recommendations for writing an error-free technical or academic paper. 

Trinka is free to use and available as a browser and MS Word plugin.

Overview of Checks by Trinka| Review|

  •  Sentence Structure

Trinka correctly structures sentences, making the paper understandable.

  • US/UK Style 

Trinka corrects usage and assists authors in adhering to journal guidelines.

  • Word Count Reduction 

(only on Trinka)

Trinka concentrates lengthy and redundant phrases.

  • Technical Phrasing 

Trinka suggests appropriate words for the topic.

  •  Advanced Grammar

Trinka detects and corrects more than 3000 complex errors that other tools do not.

  • Usage and Style 

Trinka fixes phrasing and formalizes writing.

  •  Style Guide Rules 

(only on Trinka)

Trinka recommends using phrasing proposed by style guides like AMA and APA.

  •  Vague Language 

(only on Trinka)

Trinka’s writing is specific and direct, as journals prefer.

  • Word Choice

Trinka rectifies incorrect word use that generates ambiguity in writing.

  • Advanced Spelling 

Trinka’s contextual spelling check determines the fitting word for your subject.

  • Unbiased Language 

Trinka repairs twisted and coarse language that may result in refusal.

  • Academic & Technical Tone 

Trinka offers a formal tone to your writing, which journals prefer.

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Technical Details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API
  • On Premise

Language Support

  • English

Customer Type

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers
  • Students
  • Grammar Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Spell Checker
  • Sentence Checker
  • Medical Grammar Check
  • Academic Phrasebank
  • Thesis Checker
  • Trinka Cloud


Trinka Cloud allows you to securely access and edit your files using your favorite browser.

Trinka’s real-time advanced English grammar corrections let you write anywhere. Its web editor is feature-rich and saves your work automatically. Even better, you can import and export your documents! 

  • Word Add-In


The Trinka Word add-in makes effective writing easier than ever! Trinka auto-checks and corrects your writing as you write in Word.

  • Browser Plug-In


Trinka Browser plug-ins improve your writing in real-time on all your favorite websites to let you communicate effectively at all times!

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Key Features of Trinka

Trinka is the world’s first advanced grammar checker and language enhancement tool for academic and technical writing. 

Additionally, it differentiates itself by collaborating with the author and going above grammar and spelling checks to secure holistic language enhancement.

Let us look at its features to see how it achieves this holistic language enhancement.

1. Powerful Grammar and Spelling Checks


Trinka’s powerful grammar and spelling checks permit you to communicate confidently while fulfilling the academic writing essentials of clear, concise, formal, objective, and readable writing.

Trinka’s holistic improvements assist you in writing clear, goal-oriented, precise academic writing.

2. Enhancements for Publication-Ready Writing


Trinka refines your writing’s tone, delivery, and phrasing to match academic writing conventions and best practices, allowing you to focus more on your ideas.

Trinka suggests using phrasing recommended by style guides such as AMA and APA. With these Trinka enhancements, you can get publication-ready writing.

3. Writer’s Suite

writer's suite

Writer’s suite comprises of following features-

  • Plagiarism Check
  • Auto File Edit
  • Publication Readiness Checks
  • Consistency Checks
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Download Your Document with Track Changes
  • Accept and Ignore All
Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise Solutions-

  • Life Sciences, Medicines & Pharma
  • Language Services, Publishing & Media
  • Academic Institutions
  • K-12 & E-Learning
  • Technology Platforms
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Grammar Checker API

How to Use

create-account-language-correction-ai-tool Review

You can register for free by filling out the form in the image above.

Following that, you will see the welcome screen where you can choose whether you want to use it for research papers, assignments, business writing, or creative writing.

Click Start Writing(Refer to the image below)


You will then enter Trinka My Drive.

You can add a new file and begin writing here.

It has tabs for Auto File Edit, Plagiarism Check, and Refer Trinka.

Please see the image below:


Auto File Edit


Plagiarism Check


Refer Trinka


You will get a unique Trinka invite link in the Refer Trinka tab, which can provide you with a 20% discount on the Trinka annual premium plan for five successful referrals in a month.

Register Trinka advanced grammar checker for free-




Trinka Premium delivers continuous text checking across all platforms, web applications (Cloud), Word plugins, browser extensions, and Trinka Basic has a word limit of 10000 words and fixed access to its supplementary applications. 

Trinka Premium provides five free credits per month for Plagiarism checks, Auto File edits, and Publication Readiness Checks, whereas Trinka Basic only has two free credits. 

Trinka Premium subscribers get two free plagiarism score checks, while Basic subscribers only get one. 

Furthermore, Trinka Premium subscribers can purchase credit packs up to 40% cheaper than Basic subscribers.

The best part about the basic plan is that it never expires but only allows for a limited usage every month.

Please see the image above for more information on pricing plans.

Trinka offers plans for teams and businesses other than the Basic and Premium plans. Trinka’s enterprise solutions have unrestricted access to all of Trinka’s robust capabilities and extensive customization options.

Fill out the enterprise enquiry form in the images below to purchase access for your team of six or more and save significantly.



Trinka Integration For Enterprise

3 Ways to Integrate Trinka

  • Get Trinka JS

You can insert a small JavaScript (JS) code snippet into your browser or any application to facilitate Trinka for all your team members. With this simple feature, you can get the power of Trinka without the need for complex integrations.

  • Get Trinka API

Trinka’s powerful API lets you smoothly integrate it into any application if you need it in your product.

Its easy-to-use API assures high reliability and scalability.

  • Get Trinka On Premise

Trinka on-premise is the best solution for functioning with highly sensitive data! You can get Trinka to work on your enterprise infrastructure.

You can compare plans here-


You can cancel or deactivate your Trinka subscription at any time. Your subscription, however, will continue until the subscription period expires. As a result, no refunds are provided upon cancellation.

Follow the steps below to cancel or stop auto-renewal:

  • Sign in to your Trinka account.
  • From the top right corner of your dashboard, select “Account settings.”
  • In the subscription, click the “cancel subscription renewal” link.

For any assistance, you can email

Pros & Cons

Language Correction AI Tool Trinka Pros

  • Easy User Interface
  • Affordable Price
  • Publication Readiness Checks
  • Trinka Apps(Trinka cloud, Trinka word Add-in, Browser plug-in)
  • Powerful grammar and spelling check
  • Writer’s suite
  • Multiple enterprise solutions


We couldn’t find any drawbacks to this amazing tool.

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Conclusion Review

After reviewing advanced grammar checker, we have concluded that it is an excellent, helpful, and must-have tool considering the array of different writing styles we need today.

And, the best thing we liked apart from it correcting complex grammar and sentence corrections, improving vocabulary usage, and offering subject and style-based writing suggestions is its special feature of publication readiness checks.

We could not find any disadvantages to this tool. In fact, it is a very smart, intelligent tool worth every applause.

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